Hiking and discovering places I always dreamt about!

Hello, my name is Martyna and welcome to my blog – Journey Six Feet. I have been blogging on and off since 2008. It started when I moved to the Netherlands as an exchange student, and it was my way to show my family and friends what I was doing and how I was living. (You can still see all the posts from then, but unfortunately, they are in Lithuanian language.)  I kept blogging about my life and adventures through the years and I was growing as a person  and so does my blog. In 2016 I changed my blog name from Martyna-Papartyna to Journey Six Feet. The blog name represents who I am. I am a tall girl, my height is 6 feet and it is challenging to be tall in many daily situations (smile), and journey just because  I am Lithuanian, living in USA, California, I am a young woman trying to figure out myself & an adventure seeker. In my blog, you can find  posts about hiking and exploring different places in the world.  I discovered true backpacking and hiking only when I moved to USA in 2012 and since then it became my hobby. When I am not working my 9-5 SEO job (please don’t judge me if my blog is not SEO friendly, mobile friendly, there are many errors, I m trying to fix all the mess from 2008 and it’s hard! and I just want to blog) , you can find me trying to master sewing, and exploring new trails, day & overnight hikes around San Diego, California.



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