Working as a SEO specialist ruined the joy of blogging

I have never thought that my SEO job can interfere with blogging. Before I knew about SEO, blogging was just a fun way to express myself without any limitations. I did not seek a wide range of readers, it was more for myself and family to know what I am doing. Kind of like my personal but the same time public diary, until the day I started learning about SEO and all its glory.


After I learnt what a proper keyword research is, I have never seen blogging as fun, no time and effort requiring hobby. Before all I needed was:

  • Adventures to write about
  • Inspiration
  • Couple hours to actually to write the post, select the images, and done!

Reality Now:

  • 30 min to do keyword research
  • Stock competitors
  • Wrote the post
  • Review if all the keywords, links are in place
  • Create Title tag & Meta description
  • All of that takes two days!



  • Select up to 20 images
  • Upload
  • DONE!


  • Select 10-15 images
  • Edit the images
  • Resize them & compress the for better load times and user experience.
  • Upload
  • Write captions, title, alt-tags

These are just two little things that are part of an image of having a healthy SEO friendly blog. I have a dilemma with myself I really want to go back into blogging, should I just push away all the SEO knowledge I have and just start writing as I used to do before or actually plan my time for less post but SEO friendly posts?

I am very interested if anyone else ever had similar struggles. Please share your experience.

P.S Struggle is real every single day, for example when your shoelaces keep untying every couple minutes.

Young woman tying shoelaces

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