International Banana Museum by Salton Sea. Keep Calm and Eat a Banana!

Before you read further the post, do me a favor grab a banana and eat it! Thank you! Last spring for my birthday I just wanted a little party and a road trip to an apocalyptic place – Salton Sea. Around the Salton Sea there are many weird things to see and do and one of those places is the International Banana Museum. Who knows me a little or worked with me, are aware of my banana a day habit. Bananas are good for you, they are tasty, yellow and just so filling. I am so glad there is a banana museum nearby San Diego. Oh… and my gaming name, if it’s not taken is always a Banana Queen. So I felt as a true Banana Queen I must to visit the Banana Museum, the most bananaanananananaana place of all!

About International Banana Museum at the Salton Sea.

  • It has over 20,000 banana related items.
  • There is a small fee ( 1-2$) to enter unless you buy something.
  • They are open from Friday to Monday 11AM to 7.30PM ( but I would call/email before going as it is run by a man who uses its own free time for that).
  • I would highly suggest to try a banana shake! Its really good.

The Banana Museum is in Mecca California near Salton Sea. It’s quite easy to see it from a driving a car as it has a big sign in front. The museum is not big, just a one big room with a bar. ( I assume at some point it was a bar).  Everywhere you look there are B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Starting from little statues to the food items that contains bananas. There is a bar and you can order a banana drink or meal. Since March is already a hot month in the desert me and all Mr.J’s family got banana shakes and it was one of the best banana shake I ever had. Mr.J’s mom was kind and got for my birthday International Banana Museum shirt that I wore to my party and I couldn’t be happier. Ok, enough words time for the pictures, so scroll down and enjoy them. This post I am writing to everyone that are dreaming about summer and warmth, hope it will make you a little warmer.

Girl standing by International Banana Museum Inside of Interantional Banana Musesum Inside in the international banana musesum Girl standing by a shelving unit with banana items A lot of banana related items in the banana musesum Banana Museum items Banana Museum exposition Girl wearing yellow hat and jacket Banana exposition Banana Museum items

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